Crime Scene And Trauma Cleaning Services

By Skylar Price

Customers have been in and out all evening, but overall, this has been a quiet night. The day is ending, and you begin closeout procedures to finalize your sales for the day. You catch a glimpse of a last-minute customer entering the store and stop what you are doing to attend to their needs. When the person slumps onto the floor, gasping for help, you are not sure what to do. You immediately call 911 and begin to describe the situation to the operator. Finally noticing the blood, you try to ask the person what happened, but get no response. Having no medical training yourself, you can do little more than waiting for the authorities to arrive. Soon police and an ambulance arrive on the scene, attend to the victim, and take your statement before leaving you with a bloody crime scene to clean up.

After the authorities have given the ok to begin cleaning, call a crime scene and trauma cleanup company to help. Their expertly trained staff will treat you with empathy and respect during trying circumstances, safely returning your home or business to normal, while helping you avoid dangerous situations and hazardous environments.

The highly trained technicians offer several professional services to assist; services you will want, especially when blood or other biohazards exist. You do not want to attempt handling this type of cleanup yourself, exposure to substances such as bloodborne pathogens are no joke these days. It takes expertly trained technicians, with experience in dealing with crime scene cleanup situations to perform the necessary services correctly.

Many of specialists receive expert training in many trauma and crime scene scenarios such as removal of blood and other bodily fluids, tissue remnants. They also handle the removal of fingerprint powder, chemicals used in evidence gathering, and tear gas residues; They are often called upon to restore properties after the conclusion of a crime scene investigation.

Specialists will follow OSHA regulations and EPA guidelines to safely clean and restore any area affected by blood and other tissue remnants. The technicians remove and dispose of any materials exposed to potentially harmful substances such as bodily fluids, tissue or bloodborne pathogens. They can clean, disinfect and deodorize structures and provide you with the services you need to return areas to a quality pre-trauma condition.