Why Professionals Should Clean Up Fire Damage

By Skylar Price

The dangers may seem to have passed after the firefighters have left and your home is safe from more destruction. However, without professionals to help clean the damage from smoke, you won’t be able to return your home to normal. Even though the ideas behind fire restoration are pretty simple, it needs a lot of manpower and experience to adequately perform, so, therefore, a homeowner should not try to do it on their own. Once the fire is put out, it leaves behind its continual effects on the house. Smoke and ash, if left unattended, can cause quite a bit of corrosion, discoloration, and strong lingering odors. A professional fire remediation company can stop this before it is a big problem, as long as you contact them right away.

Professionals can clean up damage from smoke and restore items that are affected by fire.
Professionals can clean up damage from smoke and restore items that are affected by fire.

Professionals can clean up damage from smoke and restore items that are affected by fire. They have to be contacted as soon as possible to stop the issues from ash residue. Ash will discolor most of the surfaces in the home if left alone. Any plastic items near the fire will begin discoloring in minutes, and fiberglass and appliance finishes will start to yellow within several hours. Metals could tarnish as well, and after a few days pass, the ash can cause the walls to discolor permanently, along with upholstery and clothing. Vinyl and wood will have to be replaced or refinished, and metal will begin to corrode.

If you do not obtain a professional to clean up fire and smoke damage, the restoration costs will go way up after a few weeks. Metals could need to be replaced; carpet will discolor permanently and glass could be severely etched, which will ensure it needs to be replaced as well. You could also notice that the odors from the disaster are still present and intense enough to be bothersome. Since ash is acidic, the longer you wait to hire an expert, the more destruction it will cause.

A certified, trained, professional company will first identify all of the affected materials and the odor source when they get to your property. The only way to clean fire damage and smoke properly is to be very thorough. You can easily disturb ash residue and then it will spread through your home quickly, causing just about everything to need restoration. The experts can identify what can and cannot be saved, and will get rid of any ash residue that is built-up and covering surfaces. Ash builds up in layers over time, and could eventually turn into a lacquer-like consistency. After this is done, the professionals will find the odor’s source and use specialized detergents to treat it with, which are made for neutralizing these odors. After the material is treated, it could be sealed off to stop any more odors from permeating the air.

When it comes to fire damage, hiring a professional restoration company is the correct choice. They are qualified to handle any fire damage that has occurred on your property. With their help your residential property will be back to normal in no time.